Building the future starting from now – Goal Planner

In order to get the results, we have to first get clear what it is we want to achieve.

Then break it down and decide how to get there.

And get support!


Here is a brilliant worksheet by Productive Flourishing. 

This one looks back over your year and then forward to the next. Do it!

Download the planner

(check out Productive Flourishing for their fantastic planners!)

You are worth  the time

Sit back and relax now with this inspiring video.

Below you will find some questions to help you define your goal and steps to get there.

Goal Keeper 

Download the worksheet here

Name of the goal

  1. Describe the goal in detail.
  2. Why I want this:
  3. How my life will improve:
  4. I’ll know this is done because I’ll have:


What needs to be done?



3. …

What are the 3 milestones to achieve on the way?




What will I do regularly to achieve this?

  1. Daily
  2. Weekly

Who holds me accountable?

(tell some friends about your goal and ask them to keep you on track)

Who will I ask for help? Who will help me achieve this goal?

(anyone you know who has experience in this matter that you can ask for help?)


Would you like to join this workgroup? It’s free!

Fearless Leaders

That’s what you are!

Send me a picture of you to add to the gallery here.

Don’t worry, this is a secret place here, only you have access to this for the duration of the course.

At the end you’ll hopefully will want to stay in the gallery and add your success story.

Carmen Klammer

Carmen Klammer

Project Manager (of this), Photographer, Web Consultant

Love horses, Greece, bringing people together, helping them bring out the best of them and go for their dreams, capturing the beauty of life and living in my photography,

Christina Foster

Christina Foster

Creative Director

Jason Wardak

Jason Wardak

Visual Media

Ray Hart

Ray Hart

Travel Blogger

our Work

And this is gonna be the gallery of the work you’ve created. Exciting!

See you on the call!

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