New Year New Life

Reach for your full potential, achieve your goals!

Were you excited to go into 2020?

Did you make New Year’s resolutions?

Set your goals for this year?

January is already drawing to an end. How are you doing with your resolutions?

In the brilliant video below Toni Robbins says that statistics show that 95% of the people that actually made a New Year’s resolution have already broken it by 15th January. And he shows a more powerful way to get to where you dream of being.



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New Year New Life

This is an awesome talk by Toni Robbins, that you should listen to every day for at least 10 days, so you really get it under your skin! You will pick up on a new point each time, too.

Here are my highlights:


To create lasting change, and this is what we want to do if we want to change our life, or specific areas in our life, we need to:



  • what do I really really want?
  • what am I really here to create?
  • something that has the power to pull you, that really excites you



  • why do you want this so much? Write your reasons down because that will help you to follow through.



  • envision, feel, imagine, make it part of your focus so often it becomes a part of you.

Your brain’s RAS will make sure that you notice everything that relates to that goal or vision.


What is RAS?

And the number one thing:


We live who we believe we are. 

If you identify yourself in a new way and you own that every day,  that becomes your standard, and you’ll find a way to make that standard real.

If you shift your identity everything else will shift too. 

Back up your standards with RITUALS – little steps each day. 



Push through whatever is holding you back. 

Who we become is what makes us happy and what we are able to contribute.

NOW TAKE ACTION: get a note pad and write down – be really specific

#1 An area of your life you would like to improve and describe what that area is like at the moment (i.e. finance, self image, career, relationships)

#2 What are the rituals that have put me there?

#3 What do I want? What is my compelling vision? Be specific!

#4 What are the rituals that will get me there? What do need to do differently each day to get what I want?


Did you do it? 

Fantastic! How do you feel now?

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