PART 2E – About your ideal client

The Message You Teach


Every one of us lives by several core messages.  You may not even know it, but most likely, you created your business from a core message.

Clearly articulating your core values will help you connect with your ideal customer.



The problem is that when we get caught in the grind of having a business, most of us forget our messages.  We forget our WHY.

Look at the difference between “I’m just a [insert your type of business here]” vs. really stepping in and owning it.

Which way do you want to run your business?

Take Action:

  1. List 7 – 10 messages you live by.  Write them imperfectly and live with them for a week or so.  See which ones really stand out.
  2. Edit down until you have three core messages.

This level of clarity isn’t just something you can whip up in a few minutes.  Give this some time. Write it down. Think on it for a while. Return and refine.

Congratulations! You have done the hard part!

Now for a bonus little treat: sit back and let your imagination free:



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