PART 2.3 – The 6 pillars of your Business

The Results You Offer

Your business is not about you. It’s all about them (your clients). What will they get out from working with you, from buying from you?

What are the results you can promise? And have you got proof?


Some of the results you offer to clients might be:

  • Increased income
  • Reduced stress
  • Better relationship with their significant other
  • Job promotion
  • Decreased weight and increased enjoyment of life


  • Be specific. 

How does happier come to life within that person’s day?

What does happier look like on any given day?

How does it manifest specifically?

Take Action:

  1.  List three to five results your clients get from working with you.
  2. Then go back and edit three of those into more tangible results with measurable, tangible and/or visible results in the client’s life as related to your work.

Below you’ll find some great material I discovered while listening to Seth Godin “Marketing – You can’t be seen until you learn to see.”

Bernadette Jiwa works as a strategist and brand storyteller, helping entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world to distill and capture the essence of their brands and ideas.

“You don’t need more time, you just need to decide.” 

Seth Godin

Your Story

10 things that good stories do:

  1. Connect us to our purpose and vision for our career and business
  2. Allow us to celebrate our strength by remembering how we got from there to here
  3. Deepen our understanding of our unique value and what differentiates us in the marketplace
  4. Reinforce our core values
  5. Help us to act in alignment and make value-based decisions
  6. Encourage us to respond to customers instead of react to the marketplace
  7. Attract customers that want to support businesses that reflect or represent their values
  8. Build brand loyalty and give customers a story to tell
  9. Attract the kind of like-minded employees we want
  10. Help us to stay motivated and continue to do work we are proud of

How inspiring is this?!

Have you written your story yet?

Why would anyone care about your story?

Forget marketing.
Instead, sit down and reflect on what you want your customer to know about why you’re building what you’re building. Tell them everything. Write it down.

Start with how you got to this moment and how your journey to it has equipped you to help them. Tell your customers how you’re going to help and why it matters that you do. Then show them how their lives will be better because of what you created. Remind them what’s at stake.

Marketing doesn’t have to be about promoting and pitching. Marketing can be an honest conversation between two people (or groups of people), who need each other.

(also by Berndadette Jiwa)


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