PART 2.1 – THE 6 PILLARS OF your business


They are out there

In order to reach your ideal client, you must know who they are.

Once you are clear on who your ideal client is it will come natural on how to speak to them, where to find them and how to build a relationship with them.

What You Must Know About Your Ideal Client

  • Their desires, their biggest dreams.
  • What keeps them up at night
  • Their doubts
  • Their fears
  • Their challenges
  • Their objections to you
  • What trips them up on the way
  • Mistakes they’re making
  • Misperceptions they have about your whole industry, themselves, about what is possible
  • Their blind spots
  • All the little voices in their head that ramble on and criticize them (and what they’re saying)

Take Action:

List three specific things that describe your ideal client:

Consider including the following:

  1. Basic demographics of your ideal client.
  2. Psychographics: character traits, preferences, habits etc.
  3. A specific challenge they’re facing with respect to what you do. (E.g., they have no work/life balance at all.)
  4. List one result they want or one dream they have. What would be an ideal outcome from working with you?


If you have no idea about who your ideal client is yet, start here:

1. List 5 groups of people you know well or are passionately curious about.

2. List 5 different problems, fears & desires for each of the groups you listed above.



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